Southern Burn Pyrography
What I do;
Pyrography (Woodburning)
The art or process of producing designs or pictures (as on wood or leather) by burning or scorching with hot instruments.
My Inspiration
The reason I do what I do.
I am a history fanatic, and love old things. I especially love old homes, buildings, barns, etc..
 I enjoy looking at and photographing old homes and then burning a likeness of them onto wood, making them a work of art that can be displayed for all to enjoy.  I especially like to memorialize ancestral family homes for people.  These make great heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation.  It's nice to be able to have a woodburning portrait of your great grandparents' old house to show your kids and grandkids a piece of family history.  They in turn can pass it down to their children.  I can take a photo of an old building that is in ruins and recreate it on wood as it might have looked 50 to 100 years ago.
I can also make custom wood signs for your home or business using whatever font you like.
My Workshop
This is where I prepare the wood and apply the final finish after the image has been burned.  A lot of preparation goes into getting the surface ready for art to be applied.  It has to be sanded down to at least 800 grit sandpaper.  After the image has been burned onto the wood, I apply at least three coats of gloss polyurethane to protect the wood from drying and cracking and to ensure the artwork will be preserved for generations.
I also apply hardware on the back so that the piece can be hung on a wall.  These burnings also display really nicely on a tabletop easel.