Southern Burn Pyrography
Artist Scot Kimel
A little about me
I am a Law Enforcement Officer by profession and began my career in 1995.
In 2006 I began my art career.  I started off with scrimshaw, etching and inking designs onto ivory. .  
In 2008 I was contacted by Monique Pean who was at that time an up and coming jewelry designer in New York City who specialized in sustainable jewelry utilizing fossil mammoth ivory and horn in her jewelry line.  Today she is a well established and successful fashion designer.  I collaborated with her and applied scrimshaw designs to many pieces of her jewelry.  Many of these pieces were bought by such stars as Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Many of the pieces I completed were featured in Vogue magazine,  Oprah magazine, Los Angelas Times, New York Times, and other main stream publications over the years.
In 2014 I expanded my art to Pyrography (woodburning).  I quickly found that I really enjoyed doing Architectural drawings, however, I can burn almost anything that I can see.  In other words, if I have a picture of the object, I can burn it for you.
I take commissions and I also sell some of my work on Etsy .  If you would like to discuss an idea , you can email me at;   [email protected]