Southern Burn Pyrography
  1. Managing Director
    Sugar Skulls getting final finish
  2. Managing Director
    Sugar Skull, with driftwood finish
  3. Managing Director
    Recessed Sugar Skull
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
    Mythical Green man
  6. Managing Director
    Most often glimpsed as a green man with leaves for his beard and hair, the Wood Spirit is said to be Lord of the Forest and Natural Things. Seeing one is said to be quite a lucky thing, and European villagers used to go out on regular hunts, hoping to find a Wood Spirit to foretell the future of their village. They are extremely strong. Wood Spirits can tear an opponent limb from limb and can tame any wild animal, including ferocious dragons and skittish unicorns. At the same time, they are gentle with the maidens, children, and men of good heart.
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    Wilson House in Gatesville Texas, Circa 1880.
  8. Managing Director
    William J. Willard House. Yadkin County NC. Circa 1874
  9. Managing Director
    Typical Tavern Fireside Hearth in colonial period.
  10. Managing Director
    Stephen Hobson II House. Yadkin County NC. Built circa 1788.
  11. Managing Director
    Old Plantation Manor
  12. Managing Director
    North Carolina Tobacco Barn
  13. Managing Director
    Zimmerman Farm, Ketchie Creek Rd. Davie County NC.
  14. Managing Director
    Old Maryland Farmhouse
  15. Managing Director
    Old Cabin
  16. Managing Director
    Blacksmith Shop.
  17. Managing Director
    A typical North Carolina Tobacco barn
  18. Managing Director
    Dream Home
  19. Managing Director
    The John Bell Shutt House located in Advance North Carolina on Highway 801.
  20. Managing Director
    Farm house in Gettysburg PA
  21. Managing Director
    Turn of the century farmhouse
  22. Managing Director
    A depiction of the Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse as it would have been in 1863 shortly after the famous Gettysburg Battle.
  23. ship,
    A simple burning of a sailing ship on the high seas.
  24. Sidna Allen house
    The Sidna Allen House is a historic house located near the town of Fancy Gap, in Carroll County, Virginia. The house was built in 1911 for Sidna Allen, brother of Floyd Allen; however, he was arrested soon thereafter for complicity in the courthouse shooting of which his brother was accused, and never again lived there.
Many of the pieces here on this page are for sale.  Many are sold and are posted as an example of my work.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces, contact me to check on availability.  If not available, I can make another.  Keep in mind that even though I can reproduce the same image, it will be different every time.  No piece can ever be exactly the same.   Also, I love taking private commissions.  All I need is a good photo to use as a reference.  I can do the artwork on log rounds, slabs, and birch plywood.  
Contact me to discuss your ideas.